Precision Engineering Machining And Consultancy or PEMAC, is a reputable precision engineering company focused on the manufacture and repair of equipment and components for Oil & Gas (O&G) Producers, Drilling Contractors and Oilfield Service companies in the O&G industry.

We specialize in manufacturing full-scale, global pressure control equipment and offer a one-stop solution with our extensive suite of aftermarket services that includes Authorized Workshop Repairs, and a well stocked inventory of over 100 types of pressure control equipment. Our team possesses the experience and network to handle all your requests and efficiently secure the right equipment at a most cost effective price.


PEMAC's Success Factors

We are committed to delivering top-notch quality products. Currently, we are proud holders of five official API Monogram licenses. See attachments. With 5 API Monogram licenses, this means that PEMAC currently holds the highest number of API licenses in South East Asia against other independent manufacturers in the region, a testament to our commitment in providing products and services of high standards. At PEMAC, we place quality assurance among the highest of our priorities.

We understand our clients need for ease of purchase and efficiency. Hence at PEMAC, we offer a broad spectrum of products and services, relieving our clients need for multiple orders with various different parties, not to mention the hassle of coordination. At PEMAC, we open doors to orders of all sizes. While we are well equipped to handle large established companies, we always welcome the patronage of small-medium enterprises. Having grown from humble beginnings, no order is too small for us.

We understand that in the frenzy paced O&G environment, where delivery speed is of essence, we continuously emphasize on punctual delivery. With an experience team at PEMAC, coupled with our investments in technologies and equipment, we are able to provide clients with a quick turnaround. With 30 years of operational experience, PEMAC has established an excellent track record in meeting delivery datelines.

Our staff strength currently stands at around 50 strong. Led by Managing Director, Mr. Sumardi Bin Sidi – whom collected over 40 years of solid experience in API Products, our key executives hold more than 300 years worth of accumulated experiences in the O&G industry. Backed by this wealth of experience, we are confident in meeting our clients’ expectations and providing cost effective solutions.

– Our Team

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