Strength in Unity

Our staff strength currently stands at around 50 strong.

Led by Managing Director, Mr. Sumardi Bin Sidi – whom collected over 40 years of solid experience in API Products, our key executives hold more than 300 years worth of accumulated experiences in the O&G industry. Backed by this wealth of experience, we are confident in meeting our clients’ expectations and providing cost effective solutions.

Factory Facilities

PEMAC moved to a bigger and better facility in June 2020. It’s new factory currently utilizes a 66,700 square feet of workshop space and 51,600 square feet of Open Area for its operations. The factory is fully furnished with machine tools, welding & cutting systems, measuring & inspection instruments, assembly & test tools and materials handling equipment.

PEMAC has in place a check and upgrade policy whereby equipment is constantly checked for performance levels. Our upgrade policy ensures that we frequently budget for capital expenditure to invest in additional plant & tooling equipment to advance our technical capabilities. This is among the key factors leading to our confidence in quality assurance along with meeting high benchmark API standards.

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