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Safety Push Arm

The PEMAC Safety Push Arm enhances operation of the HawkJaw by means of a manually operated hydraulic control valve for powering the HawkJaw onto the tool joint and back to a convenient standby position. The control valve is mounted on, and moves with the HawkJaw. The arm is mounted well above the drill-floor, where it pushes or pulls the barrel of the HawkJaw’s lift cylinder to desired position.


The Push Arm improves operation efficiency and safety, as it:


1) overcomes the requirement to manually lower the HawkJaw to the drill floor for safe standby, which translates to time savings; and


2) reduces crew fatigue while labor is minimized to one-man operation, hence leading to higher safety as labour. Components are selected and arranged to withstand harsh environmental conditions, on top of minimizing requirements for routine maintenance, due to the elevated location of the equipment.


SPA 7, for both HawkJaw Junior and Senior


The Arm is manufactured as a basic 7 foot (2.1 m) stroke model; SPA-7 with mounting kit and hydraulic kit. Mounting Kits are configured as a 30 ft span ( 9.0 m ) for use in Drilling Derricks up to 30 ft x 30 ft base and 18 ft ( 5.5m ) span for use in Drilling Masts with various size leg or vee-door member. Hydraulic Kit is configured for use with the HawkJaw Senior (utilizes existing winch controls), and HawkJaw Junior (includes directional valve and console bracket).


SPA-11P, Customized Safety Push Arm


The Arm is custom manufactured as an 11 foot (3.35 m) stroke model; SPA-11P, with a mounting kit for the derrick girt and a hydraulic control kit. The Mounting Kit is be customised for use in the drilling Derrick for well centre and mousehole service. The Hydraulic Kit is configured for use with the HawkJaw Junior 65K.


Kindly contact our sales personnel for specifications and additional information on the following process for the Push Arms:


  • Mounting Assembly
  • Pivot Bearing Assembly
  • Lock Plate Assembly
  • Telescoping Tube Assembly
  • Lift Cylinder Clamp Assembly
  • Hydraulic Kit
  • Operation of the Parking Lock
  • Optional Installation & Commissioning